Anthropology and Human Genetics

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Our equipment includes Fluidigm’s microfluidic devices C1TM and BioMarkTM HD System. Both devices can be combined for an integrated single cell gene expression analysis work flow from cell to data.

C1TM System

C1With the C1 Single Cell Auto-Prep device, it is possible to single out 96 cells from a suspension and process for further analysis in an automatized manner. Single cell genomics applications available include mRNA sequencing, targeted gene expression analysis, miRNA expression and gDNA sequencing.

The advantage of the C1 system lies in its high level of automation with minimizing hands-on time. Additionally, nanoliter reaction volumes save reagents and improve quality and consistency of reactions.  

BioMarkTM HD System

Biomark HD SystemThe BioMark System features high-throuphput qPCR analysis. It can be used to combine up to 96 target gene assays with 96 (single cell) samples yielding 9216 data points from a single run. It is the fastest and cheapest way to perform high-throughput real-time PCRs. The BioMark is compatible with TaqMan and EvaGreen chemistry and saves reagents by working in nanoliter volumes. Due to the small amounts of reagents used per reaction, it is also well suitable to analyse gene expression levels from single cells.


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